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Driver Licenses scanner & Passport scanner
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Passport scanner increases productivity and reduces human errors.
MedicScan - Insurance Card Scanner Scanning Solutions with portable scanner
Turn information on medical cards into electronic records instantly! MedicScan is an easy-to-use compact package includes a medical card scanner and is ideal for clinics, hospitals and medical offices. insurance card scanner

Need to scan a large quantity of driver's licenses, passports or photos and store the data and images in a flexible database? Then Scanshell with its portable scanner is the perfect solution for you!
driver license scanner
Hardware Business Card Scanner & Reader
portable document scanner, portable scanner
Need a portable scanner, id scanner or a business card scanner? We have the perfect scanner for you.

business card scanner

A business card scanner that scan business cards directly into Microsoft Outlook.Just plug in the scanner, open up Outlook® and the program is ready to go ! Feed a card into the scanner and watch how the card is automatically detected, scanned and neatly filed in Outlook®.

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