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The business card scanner scan business cards directly into Microsoft Outlook

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Scan2Contacts  is a fully integrated, add-on business card scanner and software for Microsoft Outlook™, contacts management software. It scans business cards and automatically inputs both their textual data and image into a new contact record in Outlook™.

Within seconds of placing a card into the business card scanner, Scan2Contacts pulls the information off the card using OCR - Optical Character Recognition technology, and automatically populates the text fields of a new Outlook contact record (name, title, phone number, etc.) While also capturing an image file of the card.


works directly from within Outlook making it the only business card scanner and software package that does not require cards to be scanned into a 3rd party application before the information can be imported into Outlook™.

Just plug in the business card scanner, open up Outlookand the program is ready to go ! Feed a card into the scanner and watch how the card is automatically detected, scanned and neatly filed in Outlook™.

Let Scan2Contacts save you time and money! 

 Fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook
 Auto-detect function
 Captures both data and images
 Only few seconds per scan
 The business card scanner does not need any external power


    Business card scanner - Scan2Contacts


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No need to install any new software
No need learn any new software
No more syncing or exporting
 Fully mobile
 Small footprint

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