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IDScan for Checks is an easy-to-use compact package that scans checks and provides the user with an image of the Check and the relevant text information in appropriate fields.

Let IDScan increase productivity and reduce human error by automating the archiving process. The bus-powered USB checks scanner is powerful yet simple to use. Together, with its versatility, IDScan offers the perfect, comprehensive scanning solution.

IDScan Checks scanner will capture a high resolution image of your checks and will read the MICR line using OCR, providing you with the check number, account number and routing number. An added value feature will provide you with all the other information printed on the check such as the name and address of the payer and payee as well as the printed check amount - all provided in pure text format, allowing you to send it directly to your own archiving database !

IDScan Checks scanner is ideal for:

 Check cashing locations
 Pawn Shops
 Point of sale applications
 Liquor stores
 Banks & credit unions
 Loan & mortgage brokers
 Check Imaging applications

Click here to download IdScan User Manual

IdScan Developer Manual

Scan Features & Functionality

  • OCR functionality - Extract information from an image
    and displays the text in appropriate text fields
  • Integrates into existing software
  • Sequential scans are automatically saved
  • Predefined image parameters
  • 2-3 seconds scan time per side
  • Multidimensional functionality
  • Network capabilities
  • Image can be pined on the desktop for easy entry into management software
  • Increase productivity and return the investment in
    less then 30 days, using our id scanner
  • The id reader has a USB connection, no need for
    external power
  • The driver license scanner has a small footprint
  • Scan an image directly into the clipboard and paste it
    into any application

idscan checks scanner



idScan for Checks is available with our standard IDScan utility (as shown in the screen shot) as wells as with our powerful SDK tools available at no extra charge with support for C++, Visual Basic and many other programming tools and languages.

This special package includes bonus features: In addition to reading checks, you can use the included ScanShell 800N checks scanner with our software to scan and read Pdf417 Barcodes of ID cards and Driver's licenses. The same scanner will also scan and read business cards, allowing you to send your business card images and text contact information directly to your Outlook using our Scan2Contacts software (available for a free download).

Features (Click for more information):

  Advanced OCR

  2D Barcode reader

  Magnetic reader

  Passport reader

  License verification   



  Scans Checks Text Extractor Database Can be integrated Network Capabilities

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