ID card scanning solution

ScanShell Pro OCR is a powerful ID card scanning application, capable of scanning as many as 1200 ID cards of various types per hour, into a relational database.

The scanned card information is extracted from the ID card text, barcode, or magnetic strip, into appropriate text fields, and saved to an external file, the clipboard, or third party software. The scanned ID cards are saved in records; each record stores the ID card image, the ID card data extracted from the card, the ID card scanning time and additional user defined information. In addition to displaying ID card data, the ID card scanning application uses this database to produce various reports, such as a list of the most popular customers, a list of undesirable customers, etc.

ID card scanning

ScanShell Pro OCR ID card scanning features
Fully automated ID card scanning process - The user only has to chain-feed the media to the scanner, while
     image processing and data extraction take place in the background.
Automatic page-feed detection - launches the scan job immediately upon the insertion of a data source
     into the scanner.
The ID card / Passport / Barcode image and data are automatically stored in a local or remote relational
     database, in a pre-defined color scheme and resolution.
Image auto alignment - Automatically corrects incorrect card insertion.
Capable of scanning any photo media including paper photos, ID cards, Passports and even rigid plastic
     credit cards.
Data is automatically extracted into appropriate database fields.
The ID card scanning database capabilities including extensive search capabilities.
Self-definition of data fields. The user can define up to 30 data fields (properties) to be saved with the
     scanned cards.

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